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Asse da stiro a parete: 4 modelli e consigli utili

4 Templates and Helpful Tips

The wall-mounted ironing board has a growing number of fans as well in Italy, and in fact, the arrows on its bracket are certainly not in short supply. It is comfortable and versatile and also excellent for those who have little space available and want to have a home that is always well-arranged and functional.


there Different models, techniques and approachesBut all of these themes have in common Can be installed on the wall or any other vertical element And you can Fold takes up very little spacewhen it is not needed. in some cases , It turns out to be completely retractable.

There are monoblock ironing boards, others It is folded into two or three partsthere are regular procedures, other more compactthe choice is quite wide, so before making a purchase it would be good to properly inform yourself.

Wall-mounted ironing board: 4 models and useful tips

1. Wall-mounted foldable ironing board

Wall-mounted ironing board: 4 models and useful tips

ironing board It is very useful, but in some cases it is ugly, cumbersome and inconvenient to use, because It must be taken out of the closet, opened and placed when needed. However, there is one solution who helps Keep the house tidy And at the same time it allows you to always have the hub at hand Save spaceit’s about to Install an ironing board on the wall that can be folded When not in use, in order to reduce its effect.

Excellent in the laundry room, but also in a large wardrobe or in different places of the house, This kind of panels can be installed on the wallbut also on the wardrobe door or any other piece of furniture, it becomes completely retractable, when we don’t want it to be visible or simply when we don’t need it, because we don’t iron.

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2. Dimensions and weight of the wall ironing board

Wall-mounted ironing board: 4 models and useful tips

a The ironing board is usually 120 x 30 cm in size It has a height off the ground, which can often be adjusted according to the preferences of the person using it, but is generally between 75 and 85 cm.

Wall panels, which can have various opening automatic systems It also leads to complete or partial disappearance, It can have the same dimensions as other modelsor be more compact, but still appear Comfortable and Versatile.

An item not to be underestimated if we talk about it The panels to be fixed to the wallthat would be from Weight. Generally These models are very light, so that they can be firmly fixed and supported by any wallfor example also in plasterboard.

Let’s talk about Weight generally does not exceed 3 or 4 kgincluding the entire structure which, depending on the models, often includes supports for the iron or for storing clothes to be ironed.

When choosing this type It will also be necessary to calculate it, depending on where it will be installed in the house There is enough space to open it without difficulty.

3. Wall cabinet with ironing board on the wall

Wall-mounted ironing board: 4 models and useful tips

The ironing board can be installed directly on the wallbut also hidden in a neat and discreet wall unit that contains it, perhaps along with shelves or other small spaces, always useful in the house.

The wall unit can be similar in all respects to other units in the house And only the owner will know that when you open it you will have access to the ironing board, which can then be positioned in this way Very discreet in the entryway, bathroom, living room or anywhere you like And you have the necessary space.

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The wall unit can accommodate a mirrorsuitable for example at the entrance to the house or can be customized in different ways, based on specific needs and preferences.

During the installation stage, the height of the wall unit must be carefully calculatedbefore you install it on the wall and accordingly Which will be the height of the axle once openedso you can Comfortably iron.

4. Wall-mounted rotating ironing board

Wall-mounted ironing board: 4 models and useful tips

some Wall-Mounted Ironing Board Models let the height adjustmentwhich is common with traditional ironing boards, but is by no means taken for granted with wall-mounted boards.

There are also Spindles can be rotated and steered according to available space or according to your preference when ironing. For example, you can choose The axis is perpendicular or parallel to the wall to which it was linked.

again talking about Panels that can be fixed directly to the wall or as an alternative to furnituresuch as a communal wardrobe or wall units specially designed to conceal them, when not in use, Excellent aesthetic result and small footprint.

Gallery of ideas and pictures of ironing board on the wall

A wall-mounted ironing board allows you to intelligently manage space, even when it’s scarce, to get more order in the home and to find a not always easy balance between functionality and beauty in the home. All of these reasons should at least be carefully evaluated.