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3 Million Cars Recalled, What's Happening in America?

3 Million Cars Recalled, What’s Happening in America?

If the U.S. records an all-time record of 22.8 million vehicle recalls in 2021, the American summer may be remembered as recall season. Numbers provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) regulatory body actually exceeded 3 million cars that underwent inspections for replacement/repair in June alone.

NHTSA warns of a more delicate situation considering the July 4th holiday, when 50 million people travel across the country. “A good part of them – the Carfax official site explains – will move in a car recalled for technical repair, because on the streets of the United States, about 50 million cars with at least one verified error need to be fixed”. With 20 percent of cars in circulation affected by open recalls, the state of Florida is certainly not desirable, but it does represent a growing problem in automobile manufacturing and management.

Before reviewing the month’s recalls, it’s interesting to examine the possible reasons for the exponential increase in recalls on US soil, not all reasons are negative, many of the fixes are for cars that are no longer new, and it’s wrong to place the blame on the microchip crisis and a general shortage of raw materials. A more widespread thesis explains how the number of recalls has risen steadily over the past twenty years, as more people, more cars in circulation (in the states, 14 million are added annually) and manufacturers have acquired the ability to activate more remotes. Diagnostic tests. According to Consumer Reports’ director of automotive testing, “Today’s cars are safe, efficient and effective, but at the same time, they are increasingly complex due to the massive use of software, electronics, forms of artificial intelligence and semiconductors.”. In other words, the greater complexity of vehicles creates a greater probability of breakdowns and malfunctions, which in the era of completely connected and airborne surveillance are identified and communicated in a matter of minutes, resulting in the total number of recalled cars.

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In the States, June was especially problematic for Ford drivers. The Dearborn house will sell 2.9 million between the C-Max, Fusion and Transit Connect, 53,000 Bronco through 2021, 48,924 Mustang Mach-E, 25,032 Mustangs with 5.0 V8 engine and manual transmission and F (pickup) between 2010-2020. and E series vehicles.

During the same period, General Motors began recalling 235 2022 Cadillac XTs, 1,534 GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorados, and 39 HD Series trucks. Honda is recalling 212 CR-Vs starting in 2020, while Porsche Cars North America is recalling 12,490 Taykons built between 2020-22. Volvo Trucks North America also participated in a recent review of vehicles called to order by recalling 1,632 VN tractor trailers.