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3 billion "jungle": speed camera crash

3 billion “jungle”: speed camera crash

Motorists in Italy “move in the real jungle A lot“However, it lacks the transparency required by law.

The same local authorities who contribute to the lack of clarity in the field of road fines are required to report annually to the Government not only the amount of fines issued for violations of the Highway Code, but also to identify. Especially any part of this image comes from speed cameras. The representative of Forza Italia, who has been handling the area for some time, condemns the unforgivable gaps in the system. “No official aggregate and analytical data on revenue collected by local authorities”, Explains to BundelliAnsa. “Despite the fact that the law requires every administration to submit an electronic report on fines to the government by May 31 of each year, even those raised by speed cameras.”He adds.


Official data reveal that more than 1/3 of Italian municipalities (approximately 2747 out of 7900 should not be accurate). Penalty Roads were cut off in 2020. The situation must change after the approval of an amendment that would force the government to publish on its website all data that can be found from July 2022. However, while waiting for this change, interesting analyzes can already be done by cross-referencing the available data. The total annual fine imposed in Italy is about 3 billion euros, although it should be noted that only a small portion of this treasure actually ends up in the treasury of local authorities (just 56%, approximately, 1.7 billion in total).

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Milan was the city with the highest road fines (180 million euros) in Milan in 2019, followed by Rome at 170 million, Turin at 50 million, Bologna and Florence at about 47 million; However, the municipality of Naples (மில்லியன் 36 million) is far away.

Speed ​​cameras

Most road administration fines are thanks to speed cameras: according to Aci / Istat data, the fines for exceeding speed limits in 2019 could have been 2.5 million. In fact, our country is the largest number of speed detection systems in Europe: we are talking about over 8,000 speed cameras, just 4,000 in Great Britain, 3800 in Germany and 2400 in France. Strategic points Precisely with the aim of raising the treasury of local administrations, not exactly wrong. Think of the fine imposed on Fiorino’s driver for speeding 703 km / h from Osimo (An) or 983 km / h in Este (Ro) Municipality.

After 12 years of waiting in 2022, it seems that something is really going to change New Order Aimed at regulating the proper use of speed cameras. This will be, as announced by Deputy Minister Alessandro Morelli “A comprehensive regulation aimed at ensuring compliance with the speed limits on the basis of preliminary verification by the road administration bodies as to the adequacy of the speed limits required for the installation of speed cameras”. The promoter of the Baldelli Amendment commented on the news as follows: “We are waiting for the government to prove the facts. We hope the new regulations will reduce the bad habit of many local administrations of using these tools in a distorted way, which should serve road safety more than increase revenue.”.