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3-1 Return to the Dominican Republic - OA Sport

3-1 Return to the Dominican Republic – OA Sport

A frightening group and then return to success after the negative period against Serbia. The United States resumes the winning streak With a 3-1 victory over the Dominican Republic, which maintained the Olympic champions’ rhythm for three sets Before raising the white flag in the fourth group. Americans find one Robinson to an excellent standard, and with award-winning Frantti and Drews, The highly effective Dominican Republic sends into a crisis in the first part of the match in the ball exchange stage but collapses in the final.

The teams were initially announced, and after a first stage of balance lasting until 14-14, the Dominican Republic would run the first half at 17-14. The United States stumbles and makes many mistakes by failing to get back on the right track. Gonzalez Lopez and Martinez make the difference, and the Dominicans win the first set 25-21.

The second group looks like Previous partial extension With the Dominican Republic flying at 10-6 and then comes the sudden braking of the Caribbean that stops blatantly and They suffered a 13-4 break and found themselves chasing a 19-14. The United States was no longer mistaken and tied the score 25-19.

At the beginning of the third set, he returned to the scene Balance that lasts up to 15, Then comes the class and willpower of the Americans who have overcome many difficulties and find the right rhythm in the final, bypassing the competitors and Win 25-20. The real match ends here because he is in the fourth set The Americans started immediately (5-0) and do not allow themselves to resume until the final 25-14.

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At home in the United States 17 points for Franti, 15 for Drews and Robinson and 10 for Washington. About the Dominican Republic 17 About Gonzalez Lopez, 12 for E. Martinez, 11 each for Pina and J. Martinez.

Photo: Fivb