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2500€ plus 300€, the new double gift from the government, without ISEE

2500€ plus 300€, the new double gift from the government, without ISEE

Italians’ internet connections are certainly far more backward and slower than those of other European countries.

It is precisely for this reason that the government intervenes to provide assistance Internet reinforcement.

Environmental Protection Agency / Atef Safadi / Baraka / Ansa

Until recently, internet connectivity was of relative importance to families and businesses. But since the arrival of the Covid virus, it has come to understand that slow communication can be a real problem.

Internet reward is very rich

For both families and businesses, in fact Remote work and remote study have become essential.


A slow and outdated connection punishes businesses and families alike. Thus, the government intervenes with a really rich reward. The purpose of this internet bonus is specifically to strengthen the connection of Italians. Let’s see how internet related rewards work. To improve communication between Italians, the government provides 2,500 euros to companies. It also provides 300 euros for families. Business bonus can be up to 2500€ when you choose a particularly fast connection.

Figures and Advantages: No ISEE

Instead one for families up to 300 euros. Among other things, the particularly interesting thing is that you do not need to ask for a bonus of 300 euros for families Not even a specific ISEE. In fact, there is no ISEE cap for a bonus for fast internet connection. Among other things, the reward for connecting to the Internet It will not be bound by the first operator with which it is tapped. Let’s try to understand what that means. Italian family that chooses a specific operator e Pay it easy thanks to the internet bonus Then he can easily change the trigger without losing the bonus and without the first trigger being able to obstruct it in any way.

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You have no operator limits

In fact, the Internet is basically rewarding It is a discount that can be enjoyed with the Internet connection operator. But if at some point a family had to change its mind and had to find Cheaper offer Here the bonus will follow and the first operator can do nothing to prevent it. In fact any practices to prevent the customer from change agent Making him lose the bonus is expressly prohibited by law.