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23 Spartans killed with a single sniper bullet in an amazing video – Nerd4.life


infinite aura It was a rather silly record scene, recorded on video by Japanese YouTuber Sakana, who did it Eliminate 23 Spartans together With One shot of S7 Sniper Rifle, the classic sniper rifle of the series in its new version.

The mode is clearly “built” specifically to be able to do VideoThis isn’t a real game action, it’s still really intriguing, especially since it demonstrates a physics effect in Halo Infinite which is somewhat silly and can be true, even if it’s really hard to get actual in-game feedback.

Arranging, not without somewhat comical effect, as many as 23 Spartans in one file, all neatly arranged one behind the other, Skanna placed himself at the top of the row and with a precise blow to the head. He was eliminated with this one shot All 23 players together. In practice, the S7 Sniper Rifle does not seem to find any obstacles in its trajectory, at least with regard to the bodies of the enemies: it is capable of penetrating and hitting consecutively until the end of the race (or up to 23) Spartans, it is not known at the moment if We can go forward.)

The sitcom is rather funny and could pave the way for more interpretations of the magic bullet for sniper rifle Halo Infinite, moreover one of the historical and most famous weapons in the series, which has not changed much in the new chapter, except for some new details.

For the rest, we’ve seen the list of objectives reveal the number of Halo Infinite campaign missions, with the title in question being the most anticipated game of December 2021 by Multiplayer.it editors and readers.

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