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2021 municipal elections, reactions of big names.  What Salvini, Meloni, Letta, Conte said

2021 municipal elections, reactions of big names. What Salvini, Meloni, Letta, Conte said

Rome, 4 October 2021 – First reaction, after i Results Of the first round Municipal Election 2021, It is Matteo Salvini (Leka), it warns: “No one is using the vote to overthrow the government”. And then it comes Giuseppe Conte It talks about “sowing time for M5S”. Enrico Letta (Pd) no doubt: “Great victory for the central left”, “We agree with the country”. According to Georgia Maloney (FdI) “M5s is gone, bipolar system is back”. In a low turnout, he says: “Absenteeism is a crisis of democracy, not politics.” About the end of the challenges: “The game is still open and most importantly Rome”.

2021 Municipal Election Results: New mayors and who goes to the polls

Results for cities: Milano / Bologna / Roma / Naples / Torino / Trieste

This list votes for city by city


“We have made a choice The best potential candidates, I will not criticize anyone, but we have a continuous referendum and non-vote in the cities Delay in their selection“So the president of the association, Matteo Salvini, Roy 1. “I’m glad to comment first. I’m used to put my face up,” he said. “Today the Italians voted in many municipalities. If someone, 5 stars or others, uses this vote to overthrow the government of national unity, they are doing something irresponsible.”

“DataTurns out He says it is not useful for the majority to go and vote. It involves self-criticism because after a year and a half Govt we have to be more in real life. Commitment is a waste of less time. “And he continues:” They will vote next year The 25 provincial capitals are therefore center-right Some cities have a duty to identify its candidates who have arrived late. I propose that the candidates should be submitted by November if they want to have at least 5-6 months to explain our idea of ​​good governance.

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Turning to today’s numbers: “There are two important polling stations like Turin and Rome where there is potential for an epoch change”. And on Calabria: “We would have doubled the number of runners-up, so that makes me proud. There are no excuses for where he got lost. Of course tonight in Lega we will have more mayors and the lesson is that the Unified Center will win but that must be true,” Salvini said.

Maximum wisdom in FDI home preparing to be the first party in the capital. “The first truth is the disappearance of 5 stars,” he says Georgia Maloney, According to which we “significantly move to the bipolar system”. The FDI leader denies the victory of the center-left, “I do not see this big victory”, it is better to wait for the vote, the call. “The game is still open”, especially “one of the most important in Rome”, where “center-right is significantly ahead”. Regarding polling statistics: “I believe that data on deviations cannot be overviewed: when you vote in important cities About 50% deviation This is not a crisis of politics but a crisis of democracy. “

“I never imagined I would have seen myself on this extraordinary, beautiful day six months ago. I would like to thank all those who voted, the Italians. An extraordinary time for our party, For our alliance and our country. Therefore a Great hit to the center And for the Democrats, “said Dem Secretary-General Enrico Letta. “This victory of the center-left strengthens Italy because it strengthens the Troika government.” He also attacked: “The right is victorious, the election campaign is completely wrong, the central right is gone, the ally is no more, Berlusconi. This is the truth that came out.”

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We reconcile with the country, Five years ago we didn’t get a win in the first round. If the coalition expands you will win, and if it expands beyond the Democrats, Letta continues. “I am reminded of the specific controversies over the theme of the symbol: we won with the coalition symbol. In the municipality of Sienza, in the province of Sienza, and in the Arezzo area of ​​the college, we won by more than 10 points,” he concluded.

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“I said I would put my face in it and I was here. It’s time to plant M5s, We are at the beginning of a new curriculum, “the M5s leader told Tg1. Giuseppe Conte. And in the second round he says: “Citizens can not be considered as postal bags collecting our directions with a strict restriction. But our political proposal can not be. It has nothing to do with right-wing political forces“And finally:” Now we wait for the data to be consolidated and then evaluate the possibilities of a dialogue for the vote. We have no advice for the rights forces and we will evaluate the rest in the coming days. “