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20 minutes of gameplay revealed the leak -

20 minutes of gameplay revealed the leak –

Ubisoft It hasn’t been announced for a long time Heartland divisionNew, free multiplayer action game coming for PC and console. Currently we do not have many official details, but thanks to the classic leaks, we can see 20 minutes Play And learn some details about the methods.

Division Heartland video leak shared on Vimeo To this address. The scene shows the gameplay of the game, with different sections of shooting and collecting loot. We know that the entire Silver Creek is contaminated with the virus, so players need to protect themselves with masks unless they want to start the damage.

The leaks also allow us to discover that The Division Heartland is making several performances Classy, Like Shooter, Medic, and Survivalist, each offering unique abilities and perks. Players must move around the map to activate markers that reveal information about areas that may contain loot, such as enemy camps.

There will be one The situation A co-op PvE story called Expedition, plus a 45-player PvPvE mode called Storm. Both modes are based on the same type of gameplay: exploration, resource gathering, shooter battles, and survival.

Another video leak recently showed free gameplay and characters.

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