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165 points are not even obtained by the United States.  Russia would have struggled" - OA Sport

165 points are not even obtained by the United States. Russia would have struggled” – OA Sport

Italy finished the Europeans 2022 conquer artistic gymnastics Three silver medals in the specialty finals: Alice D’Amato mocked 33,000 German Elie Seitz in the Uneven Parallels, and Martina Maggio was eventually defeated by Jessica Gaderova in the free body (questionable judgment) and Asia D’Amato in the Crypt, but was injured in the second jump. With Angela Andreoli’s bronze squared, Our national team won the medal table At the end of the Continental review with victories in the team competition and in the individual general competition by Asia D’Amato.

DT Enrico Casella has achieved his own balance through federal channels:This result is the result of teamwork. And by the team I don’t just mean who was here in Munich. Behind Marco Campodonico, Monica Bergamelli, Mauro Di Renzo and Tiziana di Pilato, who impeccably led the girls in the race, there is the work of a lot of other people. As for the Brescia Academy, I can add that Monica presented three Olympics as an athlete and one as a technician, she was in a group in Volos when we won the gold medal for the European team in 2006, and today she has shown more and more in the role of coach. Marco has been working with me for over ten years. I always tell him it’s now my right arm and soon he’ll be my left too. Everything about him and Mauro will soon be Italdon’s responsibility.”

Artistic Gymnastics, Italy Report Cards in the European Championships: Make the Ultimate Masters in a Strength of Medals

Brescia coach will choose career change after Paris 2024 OlympicsWithdrawing from the role of team coach to fully devote himself to the role of coordination and guidance for the women’s section. “It’s only right, after so many years, to leave room for others as well. Here, too, I left the management of the team to them and remained in the stands. The results speak for them. In Italy there are other champions of this extraordinary success, choreographers Rodica Dimitrescu and Veronica Calini, both committed to the imagination and artistic nature of the rehearsals, much appreciated I must say by the international jury, Arik Simcak, trampoline specialist, Alessio Corsato, team manager, Massimo Contaldo, The discoverer of many little things added such as the biography of Dr. Dario Boschero, Roberto Mori, psychologist Mauro Gatti, Fulco Donati, President of Brixia but in Pala Algeco is our reality that solves all our problems and doctors and physiotherapists “.

Thanks to the rest of the staff continues:Remembering Salvatore Cento is almost banal. He has always been there and remains the reference point for all gymnasts in Italian art, male and female. Even with Asia D’Amato he was the first to help her. With his physiotherapy studio, we were able to get more support in Munich, to be more present and meet the needs of the athletes. Doctors in a potentially traumatic sport like ours are essential. Our orthopedic surgeon Guido Zattoni is in Brescia waiting to visit Asia and has always followed the blue for the national team. In Milan there is Dr. Magenta, who offers us an additional diagnostic service, and in Rome, Dr. Karkanjic. I may have forgotten others, and I apologize. The advantage of this victory must be shared among the many people working in the shadows.”

Enrico Casella’s technical analysis is very clear and focused on a 165-point wall that was broken in the team competitionHe is a symbol of excellence and rejects the absurd criticism of those who belittle Italy’s success in the team event due to the absence of Russia, in their opinion. We are on the same wavelength: the Olympic champions had to sweat and the test result was unremarkable. TD frequency: “The level continues to rise. Russia will also encounter difficulties here. Brazil and the United States underperformed at the Pan American Games. International juries can never be compared but it reached a maximum of 163 points. Right now, we’re more than impressed, especially in terms of mental stability. Even Angela Andreoli, younger and more experienced, was able to show her potential. We kept her off the bench in the team final, and in fact, she’s expressed herself as a free-body veteran. She even manages to take a double spin on the handle as well as a sail that rarely comes to her in training.”

Photo: Simone Ferraro/FGI

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