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160 anni di vita del Paese: quante scoperte nello Spazio “Poste Storie” a Roma

160 years of country life in the “Poste Story” space

The role of the postal service in the social and economic development of the country and in daily life: Temporary exhibition space “Poste Story”in Piazza San Silvestro in Rome, is certainly the best way to understand why, from 160 years ago until today, the history of Italy is so closely connected with the history of the post office.

A journey into the history of Poste and thus the history of Italy

The exhibition, as indicated by the in-depth analysis devoted to it by TG Poste, is of symbolic value, given the contribution that Poste Italiane made to the history of post-unification Italy. Upon entering the exhibition, one remains immersed in the Poste Italiane’s transformation path: a true journey through time in which the events of the company are intertwined with those of the country. The narration follows an interactive path divided into three areas, to understand how the first analog solutions adopted by Poste Italiane are closely related to the latest digital solutions of our days.

Present, past and future

The first area is for the present: things from yesterday and today with videos and podcasts that track the progress and communication that Poste Italiane has fostered over time, contributing to the unification of the country. Seven thematic islands to revive the atmosphere of the past and learn about the present. From the keyboard telegraph to the military field office. From airmail to the most advanced modern logistics network, from ancient money orders to the most advanced digital payment systems.

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Poste Italiane numbers and values

The second area is for numbers to immerse yourself in Poste Italiane “ingredients”. While the third focuses on the company’s values, with the eight pillars of governance interpreted by famous Italian artists. The tour ends with a big wheel that visitors can spin and try their hand at a quiz to see how well they know Poste Italiane.

Above, the TG Poste service.