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15th edition of ‘Parmurelu D’Oru’ dedicated to Dr. Alice Bartina – Sanremonews.it


Alice Bertaina is the winner of the 15th edition of “Parmurelu d’Oru”. The doctor is a rare distinction for Palm City and works with professionalism and scientific rigor in pediatric cancer research, first in Rome and now in the United States.

Originally from Bordigotta, she graduated with honors in medicine in Pavia, took up her professional assignment at the Pavia Hospital in San Mateo, and then received a scholarship in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation at the Children’s Hospital “Bambin Gesu” in Rome, together with Professor Franco Locatelli, director of the Department of Medical Oncology. Dr. Bertina received her PhD in Immunology and Biotechnology from Tor Vergata University in Rome.

In the capital, he developed an innovative technology for treating children with cancer. Thanks to his research, it is no longer necessary to find a suitable person to donate bone marrow, since one of the patient’s parents will suffice.

This result, born in Italian medical laboratories, was recognized as innovative and worthwhile, so much so that it was the subject of interest by the prestigious Stanford University in California, in whose structure Alice was called to make her expert contribution in the field of both hospital and research. The importance of the study is illustrated by the fact that a department at the university bears its name (Bertina Lab).

In 2015, Dr. Bartina was summoned, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, during the day against cancer. Alice, due to the very high results achieved in pediatric oncology with the success of her study to treat patients, giving health prospects to critically ill children, was selected as a Young Scientist by the Foundation of Italian Scientists and Scientists in North America in 2018.

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Her deep preparation combined with determination and sweetness made her appreciated and loved by her colleagues and patients. The official ceremony will take place with the award ceremony and the delivery of the pin to the winner in July (date to be determined).

The Parmurelu d’Oru Award, which was announced to celebrate the patron feast of Saint Ampilio, was created in 2008. It is awarded annually to a person alive, born, resident or attributable to his activity in Bordighera, who has honored his name and glamorized it in a particular field.

Previous winners:
2008 Mara Lorenzi, for excellence in the medical field
2009 Daniel Odeto in the sports sector
2010 Ugo Ronco representing the world of floriculture
2011 Ana Maria Ciriolo Verando, tireless historian of Bordighera
2012 Paolo Giordano, for founding the American publishing house Bordighera Press and winning the Bordighera Prize for Poetry.
2013 Giuseppina Traverso, the historical weaver of Parmorelli
2014 Giancarlo Golzi, drummer for Mattia Bazar
2015 Sabina Airoldi, marine biologist
2016 Sergio Biancheri, painter and sculptor
2017 Marcus Bicknell, promoter of cultural initiatives
2018 Renato Ronco, sports journalist
2019 Ferruccio and Matteo Carassale, Photographers
2020 edition canceled due to covid
2021 Riccardo Piatti, coach of the tennis champions


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