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150 € bonus on the RDC, hypothesis 13 or 27 January: for whom?

150 € bonus on the RDC, hypothesis 13 or 27 January: for whom?

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The €150 bonus has not arrived yet at all. In fact, some payments will also continue in January. Let’s see in particular when the €150 bonus will reach Rdc in January 2023 and who will get it (Find out the latest news about the €150 bonus and then Read on Telegram All news about INPS payments. Get the latest updates about rewards, personal finance and work on your mobile phone every day: enter whatsapp group it is in Facebook group. Follow us also on on instagram all your questions. Watch free bonus video guides on YouTube channel. To continue reading the article from your mobile, click on «Read on» after the image below).

As anyone knows, a bonus of 150 euros will arrive at two different times: from November 2022 for those who fall into “The first stage“It is February 2023 for those who are part of”The second phaseEven though we are in January 2023, they are still there Some citizens are waiting One-time financial contribution.

These include, for example, me Citizenship recipients. In the following paragraphs, let’s see together when the €150 bonus arrives on Rdc in January 2023 and who it belongs to.

In the meantime, we remind you that credit histories differ from person to person and must be checked periodically at Citizen’s social security filereserved area of INPS websiteaccessible via digital credentials SPIDAnd there or The central nervous system.


When does the €150 bonus come to Rdc in January 2023?

Even if we are now in January 2023 and a €150 bonus is expected in November or at the latest in December 2022, there is still Many citizens are waiting for a one-time contribution. Among them are the recipients of citizenship income.

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Since it started in February The second wave of compensation payments of 150 eurosAnd January must be a crucial month to these beneficiaries. So when does the €150 bonus hit Rdc in January 2023?

Based on the timing of the past months, the bonus was provided by Assistance Decree III he could Arrive at two different times of the monthAnd:

  • from Friday, January 13, 2023ie immediately after Top up in the middle of the month Citizenship income. In fact, since the 15th of January takes place on a Sunday, the top-up will be offered for a few days, with consolidations also expected on the Rdc card such as the €150 bonus and the single bonus;
  • from Friday, January 27, 2023 any dimension Regular increase in citizenship income. This date relates to the majority of citizens who receive DRC.

Even if there are two possible dates for the €150 bonus payout on Rdc in January, it’s more The one-time contribution is likely to be paid at the end of the monthSo from January 27 to 31, 2023. The reason is that even in December, some payments arrived after Rdc’s regular top-up.

In any case, we must remember that not all recipients of citizenship income will receive a bonus payment of 150 euros in January. In the next paragraph we remind you who deserves the reward.

you find out custom page For all currently active and available bonuses.

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In the video below, we explain in detail how to do ISEE 2023 and why it is important to do so.

When does the €150 bonus come to Rdc in January 2023 and for whom is it for?

Even if the dates change according to the beneficiaries, in the previous paragraph we have given an idea of ​​when the €150 reward will arrive on the Rdc in January 2023. The reward may arrive from next Friday January 13, 2023 or from the last Friday of the month, January 27, 2023.

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Also, we expected it It is not up to all citizenship income recipientsbut only for some aware kernels.

Specifically, a €150 bonus on RDC It will arrive in January 2023 in these categories of the citizens he also described Circular No. 127/2022 issued by the National Institute of Statistics:

  • Those Who They didn’t actually receive it either in December or in Novemberbecause the one-time bonus is due Once per beneficiary;
  • Families in which there are no parishioners They deserve the bonus for another reasonfor example retired or working people;
  • Those Who They received a raise from the RDC in reference to November. In fact, the bonus is one-time It’s not up to those who have a month off In November.

All other beneficiaries of the citizen’s income who do not fall into these three categories They will not receive 150 euros in January 2023.

Find out about the latest payments Bonus of 200 euros in December And read too What to do if you received it twice. Check new dates for Bonus of 150 euros for the months of December 2022 and January 2023 and discover each Steps to apply for a €150 bonusBeside Categories that should request one-time compensation.

In the photo, a calendar with pins pinned to some dates to check that the €150 bonus will arrive on the Rdc in January 2023.

When the €150 bonus hits the Rdc in January 2023: check the date like this

In this in-depth analysis, we have seen when the €150 bonus will reach Rdc in January 2023 and who will receive it.

However, in addition to remembering that not all RDC holders are entitled to a bonus of 150 euros, it should also be remembered that Payment dates vary from person to person. In fact, 150 euros can be added to the Rdc card By January 31, 2023.

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To find out for sure when your payment will arrive, the advice is to check Citizen’s social security file. This is part of the reserved area of ​​the INPS website, where applicable Check the date and amount of some benefits The economic bonus is 150 euros.

To access this section, you must first enter the official INPS website with one of the digital credentials:

Once inside, you need to go to the menu and click on the item performance. From here, you have to choose payments And thenreference year2023. At this point, just click File economic performancethen a one-time €150 bonus.

Those who are not familiar with information technology can always rely on it coffee (Tax Assistance Center) or al INPS multi-channel call centerby calling 803164 for free from a land line or 06164164 for a fee from a mobile phone.

Furthermore, if you have any doubts or questions about the €150 bonus on Rdc, please email us at [email protected].

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