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15% reduction in Gazprom gas flow – economy tells me

Eni has received communications from its Russian supplier about limited leaks regarding the supply of gas to Italy. Gazprom confirms, “Eni will continue to monitor the evolution of the situation and report any updates.” Today it announced a limited reduction in gas supply, which is approximately 15%. The reasons for the decline have not yet been announced. “

“There are no signs at the moment of dangers in energy supply”. This was stated by EU Commission Spokesman Tim McPhie in response to a question about the possible consequences of the gas cuts announced by Gasprom in the North Stream 1 yesterday and today. Compared to gas storage, “they are more than 50%, today it is about 52-53%, which is higher than we had at this time last year,” he added. So “preparations for winter are underway, this is being closely monitored, and we are making a very broad effort to diversify and diversify our energy supplies and resources.”
“We are constantly monitoring the issue and keeping in touch with the German authorities,” he added after yesterday’s cuts from Gasprom to Germany.
“In connection with the news of the reduction in the supply of gas to Russia, the Minister of Environmental Change Roberto Singolani Announces that the trend of gas flows is being monitored continuously with the operators and there is currently no criticism. This was announced by the press office of the Minister.

Meanwhile, the gas in the square in Amsterdam closes with a sharp rise. July futures contracts increased by 24% 120.33 euros per MWh, returning to the level of 30 March last. Methane prices in London rose 31.15% to 257.78 pence per Mbtu.

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