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15-Day Weather Forecast: Is rain and rain arriving from the west across many areas?

15-Day Weather Forecast: Is rain and rain arriving from the west across many areas?

The unstable phase that will affect the central south and islands Between Friday and SundayIt will be followed by a moderate return of high pressure on Italy; All this while waiting for a low transmission from the Iberian Peninsula towards us over the next week, ensuring Rain in many areas.

The hope that it will rain, even in areas where no water has fallen from the sky for months, remains. But the models still could not find a common way. Thus, the probability fails to increase this much even if the forecast deadline tends to get closer.

Show the first map Scenario Caught this afternoon from American model Valid for Wednesday 15 September:

This map is promising rain arrives from the west, After the short inverse parentheses you will get Between Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 September. The southern currents will worsen the weather first in the northwest and Sardinia, and then also in the remainder of the center and north in the following days.

At the moment this map Still firmly in the field of the most fortunate hypotheses This afternoon, I attracted a model from abroad.

The second map will be a continuation of the story or planned map Friday 17 September:

Low at the height of the Ligurian Sea with Rain and thunderstorms spread to almost all of Italy accompanied by freezing temperatures.

According to the new climate standards, it seems to us that there is a map with an almost impossible realization … Too bad it should practically be the norm for mid-September. The possibility of success is still there between 40 and 45%Without earning many points.

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Everything will depend on the strength of the Spanish depression to rush east, hoping that the turbulent figure does not stay stuck in place with consequences that are not prone to rains on our lands.

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