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141 Million Monthly Active Users and Other Awesome Numbers -

141 Million Monthly Active Users and Other Awesome Numbers –

Maine Craft It confirms once again one of the greatest successes of all time in the field of video games. mojang It actually revealed that the game exceeded the quota in August 141 million monthly active users, plus other impressive data.

Minecraft in April 2021 reached 140 million active users, while in August it reached 141 million monthly active users, indicating that the game’s excellent momentum does not seem to end soon.

Minecraft, one of the Sonic courses created by users

In addition to active users, Mojang shared other interesting data about Minecraft, which we report below:

  • In August 2021, the number of monthly active users reached 141 million.
  • Minecraft Marketplace creators generated $350 million in revenue.
  • Over 67% of active players customize their Minecraft experience using Marketplace content.
  • In August, players participated in multiplayer for over a billion hours in total.
  • In 2020, users watched Minecraft-related content on YouTube for over 201 billion hours in total, making it the most watched topic on the platform that year.

Unfortunately, Mojang has not provided any updates on the number of copies sold by Minecraft in general yet. The latest official data was shared in August 2021, when Mojang’s title reached its height 238 million copies have been sold worldwide.

To stay on topic, just yesterday Microsoft and Mojang announced The Wild of Minecraft update that in 2022 will offer a slew of content.

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