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10 places to run in Italy and around the world (according to research)

10 places to run in Italy and around the world (according to research)

A recent search reveals the ten best spots in Italy and in the world where you can run.

Anyone who loves to run and appreciates the physical and mental benefits of playing this sport in the fresh air will always find an opportunity to put on their shoes and go out for a walk. Wherever and for whatever reason: at home, on a business trip and even on vacation.

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Running: running tourism

It is precisely this trend that in recent years has given rise to a phenomenon Tourism management, which places the tourist runner figure in the center of the scene. This works in two different ways.

there who Works on the gofor the pure pleasure of keeping fit and the curiosity of discovering where it’s at.

But there are also those Travel for a runor book a weekend or stay in a specific place, even abroad, to take part in a running event – a marathon, a half marathon, rather than the so-called tapas That is, races with a green accent and are not competitive.

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Jogging, running, running: the reasons

However, as mentioned, it’s not just about racing and major sporting events Tourist runIt is often the increasingly widespread passion for running that sets off the fuse.

So here are the ten best places to run in Italy and the world according to new research by her Based on the comments left by tourists and travelers on the portal TripAdvisor.

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The best destinations in Italy and in the world Where to run: the search

the gate Analyze the comments posted on TripAdvisor And created a rating of the ten best destinations in Italy and in the world where you can run.

On the basis of the ranking is the unquestionable judgment by the users: runner From all over the world, in this particular case, who left their opinion on one of the most used and popular travel portals in the world after experiencing the itinerary firsthand.

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The best destinations in Italy and in the world where to run: research methodology

SportsShoes, a company that sells sports apparel and accessories, analyzed thousands of Tripadvisor reviews in ten countries around the world.

Using the “Things to do” section of the travel website, the destinations for each location they mention the most”Element” (in Italian and English) in the reviews it is rated as the best in that country.

Results where the terms were used in a negative way or for another context – such as “This area was rough” – or if the location was not a natural beauty were omitted from the final results. Global destination translations have also been used wherever possible.

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Top 10 of the best places in Italy to run

Whether it’s an exploratory jog in an urban center or a long-distance run in the countryside, Italy offers tracks for every type of runner.

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In the first place in the ranking, the Old Luca It turns out that they are among the favorites for running (but also for riding a bike or just for a walk).

The merit of the historical and artistic charm and the thorough care and preservation of the entire trail, as well as the ease of travel make it accessible to all.

In second place is Park Monzathe green jewel of Lombardy, and in third place Valentine’s ParkItaly’s first public park, in Turin, which also includes the faux medieval village of Turin: a great place to wander around.

The rest of the top ten is made up of other parks and urban areas in Italy: Poitou in Cagliari Ducal Park in Parma walls Ferrarathe Sempione Park in Milan District 24 cycle track in San Remo Legnano wood (Parco Castello) in Milan and San Giuliano Park to Venice.

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Top 10 countries in the world for running

According to the reviews posted on Tripadvisor, the United State They are the most popular country in the world to dedicate themselves to running.

With sites like New York Central Park (No. 1 in the US) and the iconic Venice Beach in California (7th), America scores highest when it comes to places people like to run.

Other fully manufacturing countries include the top 10 United kingdomin second place, and Spain, To the third, thanks to jogging paths in Mediterranean gardens, from Madrid to Gran Canaria.

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the Canada and the France They occupy fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Canadian citizens love jogging in many parks Vancouver French runners enjoy attending Luxembourg Garden to Paris or the Promenade des Anglais to Nice.

They complete the arrangement Germany, In sixth place L’Italywhich ranks seventh. And thenAustraliathe The United Arab Emirates and the South Africa In tenth place.

Scroll through our gallery to find out more about the 10 best places to run in Italy.

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