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10% Ft to leadership, Jaya and Fedrica hot


In all bites served at the table Political elections, is one of the most difficult to digest. there League It can stop far from 10%. If the final predictions are confirmed, it will be a blow to the leadership Matteo Salvini, who rested on Carrosio’s leadership over other individuals. And it’s not accidental when it’s the first time Exit survey They burst onto smartphone screens via Bellerio, where the Northern League’s public servants gathered with “the captain”, their faces darkening. A center-right victory, but for the league it will resemble a pyrrhic victory. Hard to say otherwise, the chairman himself planted the stakes yesterday morning. “I think that the parliamentary strength in the league stage, at most, first, second or third – the prediction came out of the Milanese seat – from tomorrow there are no chats, we go to the facts.”

International media reports that Meloni has won the election


An alarming prediction, they murmur from the upper decks of Carrosio. Denied by the final scoreboard, it confirms the lead in the third Five Star Movementee di Giuseppe Conte Fear in the Northern League battleship that day. “I play to win, not to participate,” the former home minister said yesterday. This is Salvini’s first, shocking reversal of political allegory. The party’s steady rise under his leadership so far, collected in the rubble of 3% in 2013 and projected to 17% in 2018 and 2019, is today a dim memory for those 34% of Europeans.

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A legacy remains but is now shattered by the referendum vote. This brought Carusio closer to the “psychological threshold” familiar to fighters. With that 10.4% Umberto Bossi, in 1996, reached the peak of his political wealth. But it stood out among the Northern League and Alberto da Giusano flags. There is no “Salvini Premier” and “Italy First”. So among the bubbly adults a thought develops during these hours.

Does it still make sense to talk about the National League? After all, is it time to return to the origin, that is, to the north? Recurring thoughts to study percentages in the south. A far cry from the winning numbers in the European Challenge three years ago, the skipper landed down south. But a warning bell also comes from the inner numbers at right center. With the FdI in some northern league strongholds – particularly in the Veneto – progressing alongside the fifth. “This is a protest vote against us. A tumultuous consensus for Meloni but a clear message for Lega », grumbles a major party in the North.

The struggle for independence, the great promise of the League beyond Po, remains unfulfilled. Now it will be even more difficult to maintain. Because the meager assets available in the election could weaken Salvini at the negotiating table for a government that needs to fill the coffers of ministers. Of course, “No Lega Party”, they threaten the faithful with a warning to Meloni: “We have already brought down one of the government”, thundered a colonel from the Milan office. But there is no mystery that the electoral math will count against the incoming administration.

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Inner lead

A home front is now opening for Salvini. Among the barricadoros — especially in Lombardy, the region most shocked by the compilation of the lists in August — resignations began to be aired. Instead the magic circle engaged the shield to postpone Rede Ration. Whatever happens, it is difficult to postpone the rebranding of the party for long. They say that in recent weeks, through Bellerio, only the party symbol has begun to be added to the Salvini posters (“alternative”, denigrating the enemy) plastered in small towns in the north. . The secretary is also a consolation for her part.

The breaking in the polls also affects his real or perceived rivals in the party. Above all “Doc” Luca Zaya, the boomerang of overtaking FdI in the Veneto cannot be avoided. Giulia Massimiliano Federica, Governor of Friuli-Venezia, is one of those giving leadership a firmer mindset. But it will take time. Carozio’s long and old internal rituals were Salvini’s lifesavers. With the citizen conferences that have just begun, there will be no talk of a National Congress until the end of 2023. It was a geopolitical era for Italian politics.


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