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How to cover a president like Trump

By Nate Becwar Lying politicians aren’t new. Journalists are used to scrutinizing every word elected officials say. Politicians spin their performances to soften the blow of their failures and to boost their accomplishments. To...


UNL student immerses in Dungeons and Dragons

On Sunday evenings, Lincoln native Garrett Bussen is Valtress, a battlemage formerly known as Valtrose before a trip to a discount magic shop gave him gender-changing armor. Every other day of the week, Bussen...


UNL student living in two different cultures

Ryudo Bruce Komesu Age: 21 Home: Okinawa, Japan Major: Business Management and Early Childhood Education Hobbies: Guitar, piano and singing Favorite Saying: “If there are 10 people, there are 10 colors.” Listen Growing up...