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Profile: Ryan Evans 0

Profile: Ryan Evans

Story and photo by Tori Grdina, NewsNetNebraska Ryan Evans never expected a high school graduation requirement to lead him down a career path. “I took an internship at KZUM, and basically spent the summer...

Profile: Kate Veik 0

Profile: Kate Veik

Story and photo by Seanica Reineke, NewsNetNebraska As a little girl, Kate Veik dreamed of being either a ballerina or a marine biologist, but now her dreams have taken a different direction. Veik, an...

Profile: Seanica Reineke 0

Profile: Seanica Reineke

Story and photo by Kate Veik, NewsNetNebraska Life on the farm has helped 20-year-old Seanica Reineke figure out life after college. Reineke, a junior news-editorial major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, grew up on...

Profile: Katrina Fischman 0

Profile: Katrina Fischman

Story and photo by: Rich Schneider, NewsNetNebraska For Katrina Fischman, who was born in Nebraska and grew up in the state, a trip to Chile changed everything. Early in her college career Fischman was...

Profile: Richard Schneider 0

Profile: Richard Schneider

Story and photo by Katrina Fischman, NewsNetNebraska Five-year-old Richard Schneider sat on the couch next to his father, proudly sporting his Nebraska T-shirt, eyes fixated on the TV and shouting gleefully as the Huskers...


Story and photo by Kiah Haslett, NewsNetNebraska Jenna Gibson’s interest in journalism began as a diversion from her would-be illustrious career in science fiction writing. She went to a summer creative-writing camp two years...

Profile: Kiah Haslett 0

Profile: Kiah Haslett

Story and photo by Jenna Gibson, NewsNetNebraska. Kiah Haslett is a serious business reporter always ready to follow the money and keep those in charge on their toes. The Omaha native is also a...

Young coach connects with athletes 0

Young coach connects with athletes

A 2010 summer UNL graduate has become UNL’s latest gymnastics assistant coach. He’s one of the youngest assistant coaches in the sport.