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Penguins marching into Lincoln Zoo

For over 40 years, the Lincoln Children’s Zoo has been a top destination. The recent loss of the zoo’s marquee attraction – a seal named Toney — has created tough challenges.


UNL goes mobile with iHusker

Fans of Apple’s iPhone and iTouch can now tap into a wealth of information about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln thanks to a new application, called iHusker, created at the school. The app features campus...


Minor league life

By Minda Haas, NewsNetNebraska If your dream was to play Major League Baseball someday, how much would you go through to achieve it? Would you accept a salary of less than $10,000 a year?...


Earth Day in Lincoln

This year’s 40th Anniversary of Earth Day saw big changes.  Instead of just running an afternoon-long celebration, this year’s organizers added a week of community environmentalist efforts and awareness-building. Organizer Kari Rohren of Cleaner...


Soccer takes hold at UNL

In most countries around the world soccer is referred to as the beautiful game. For many students at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, it’s an unknown beauty. But that doesn’t keep them from trying their hand – or foot.