A Colorado Venture

An adventure my friends and I didn't think we needed

Hannah, Grace and Dakota frolic in the mountains in Colorado.

Labor Day Weekend. My friend and I just finished up our second week of senior year and we were already ready to leave our college town and go somewhere new. Our friend just moved to Denver, Colorado a few months back and was struggling to adjust to his new life outside of college. We have been planning this weekend for months. After quickly packing anything and everything the my friend and thought we would absolutely need, we began their seven-hour voyage to the colorful state of Colorado.

Moral was high for us. Song after song, podcast after podcast, we were jamming in my CR-V, stopping for snacks and gas along the way. Five hours in, while listening to a nail-biting murder mystery podcast, we realized we were low on gas. So low, we didn’t have enough to get them to the nearest gas station. Essentially, we were stranded in the middle of nowhere Colorado, two hours from our destination. Luckily, a quick call to AAA saved the day. AAA rushed to where we were and gave us enough gas to get to the nearest gas station. Phew.

Grace’s CR-V on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere Colorado after running out of gas.

Finally, we made it to our friend’s new swanky Denver apartment. After some hugging and a lot of chatting, the Labor Day weekend trip commenced. We Hiked in Boulder, swam in some freezing water in Golden and experienced the nightlife in Denver. Swimming in September, you ask? Yes! We found a river and took full advantage of it.

Nothing was planned. Rather, we “stumbled” into new experiences and adventures throughout the weekend. For three days, things were perfect. There’s something about road trips and having nothing planned when you get there. Would we recommend doing it all again? Absolutely.

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