Bailey Hurley biography


Bailey Hurley is a junior broadcast TV major from Fargo, North Dakota.

Story, photo, video by Carissa Soukup, NewsNetNebraska

Bailey Hurley is a junior broadcast TV major from Fargo, North Dakota.

She originally looked at UNL’s meteorology program, but then decided that all of the sciences classes weren’t for her. After doing some hard-hitting crime stories for her local news station in Fargo, North Dakota, she decided that she wanted to be an investigative reporter.

Her freshman year, Hurley auditioned for “The Voice” television program. Singing was one of her biggest passions before journalism, but on the day she was supposed to travel to Chicago, she woke up with strep throat, double pink-eye, double ear infection and mono. Despite that, her audition went well and she made it through to the third audition round before she was cut with 200 other people.

After that, journalism took over. She wants to be an investigative reporter in the Midwest because she wants to make an impact on people. She visited cities like New York and Florida, but she decided she could have more of an impact in a smaller community.

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