Indoor smoking ban ruling latest in a long history of disputes

In a split ruling, the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled the exemption allowing smoking cigar and pipe tobacco indoors unconstitutional.

Exactly how long smokers may lawfully enjoy an illegal act is uncertain. While the recent decision appears to have all but settled the showdown regarding tobacco legislation in Nebraska, a dispute regarding attorney fees have held up the issuance of a final ruling by the court. According to the Lincoln Journal Star, the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission is waiting until the final ruling of the court is handed down before replacing special liquor licenses that permit smoking with ones that do not. Therefore, county health department directors have delayed enforcement of the law.

While the delayed enforcement of this particular smoking ban takes place, tobacco has been controversial since its discovery by Europeans. Afterward, post-Columbus European explorers began exporting the drug abroad. Consequently, governments and religions were forced to deliberate ways to allow – or outlaw – the drug’s use.

The history in Nebraska is also long and complicated.

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  1. Vinny Gracchus says:

    The smoking ban should be repealed. The threat from second hand smoke was fabricated by the tobacco control lobby to denormalize smoking not because of health effects. The concentration of environmental smoke is too small to pose an actual threat. Numerous studies have demonstrated this. These dissenting views are censored and suppress. Smoking has been blamed for causing lung cancer. The smoking rate has decreased but the cancer rate is going up. Correlation does not equal causation. The timeline above shows how smoking bans have fluctuated over history. It is time to abandon prohibition.

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